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Jeffrey Rinkov

Chief Executive Officer

In 2010, Jeffrey Rinkov left his career as a lawyer to join his father’s optometry practice in Columbus, Ohio. Jeff, who earned a law degree from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, joined his father’s office to help revitalize and grow the practice. He expanded it into a profitable and thriving regional network in six years. In 2016, the Rinkovs sold the practice, allowing Dr. Rinkov to retire. But Jeff’s career helping healthcare professionals reach their full potential was only in its opening stages.

From 2016 to 2020, Jeff served as a member of the executive team and head of ophthalmology at the national eye care network Eye Care Partners, where he took great pride in guiding the financial success of practices and cultivating the careers of the professionals he worked with. In 2020, Jeff became CEO of Gastro Care Partners, the largest gastroenterology and ancillary patient treatment services provider in Colorado and Wyoming. After three years at the helm of Gastro Care, Jeff returned to eye care and his roots at ReFocus Eye Health. As Jeff has advanced in the business of healthcare, his father’s words have been his guiding star:

  • Don’t run a practice based on a spreadsheet alone.
  • Marry the business of medicine with the art of being a doctor.
  • Always keep your boots on the ground.

As ReFocus’ CEO, Jeff is committed to maintaining high transparency, communication, and accountability standards while empowering those closest to patients to be the decision-makers. As an executive, Jeff’s vision remains grounded in what he learned from his father: financial success will follow when patients are taken care of.


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