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Good Vision Sets Your Child Up for Success in School


Vision plays an important role in processing, comprehending, and remembering information.

For many across the country, the start of school during a pandemic looks a little different this year. Whether your child is sitting in a classroom and absorbing information from a teacher standing at the front of the room, or they are sitting at home participating in remote learning in front of a screen – healthy eyes are a critical component to their learning success.

Here’s how you can help your little learners this school year:

  • Keep windows exposed and let the natural light in – Since our eyes are connected to the part of the brain which signals melatonin and cortisol secretions, the types and amount of light our eyes are exposed to directly correlates with our ability to sleep (melatonin) and be alert (cortisol). When we are well-rested, our alert or “wake” windows can become more productive, yielding better academic performance.

  • Make time for breaks – This is especially important for remote learners who are spending extended periods of time looking at a screen. Occasionally allowing the eyes rest throughout the day, without digital strain, is a healthy way to “reset” the brain for optimal learning.

  • Encourage the use of Harmon Distance (elbow distance) – When doing “close work” like reading, writing, and typing, research shows that the optimal distance is Harmon Distance.

  • Consider a slanted work surface – Placing “close work” (books, papers, even tablets) at a 20-degree angle can decrease eye strain, making it easier and more comfortable for children to absorb information for extended periods of time.

Think your child may have a vision problem that is preventing him or her from learning effectively in the classroom? Set your child up for success this school year! Schedule a comprehensive eye exam at any of our convenient locations.