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Redefining Quality Eye Care: Dr. Richard Casden & Dr. Betty Klein

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With great excitement, we welcome Richard S. Casden, MD and Betty Klein, MD to ReFocus Eye Health. Formerly with Acuity Eye Care, both Dr. Casden and Dr. Klein have devoted their careers in ophthalmology to giving people the ability to experience life through sight.

Getting to know Richard S. Casden, MD

Dr. Casden specializes in microsurgery and laser for cataracts and intraocular lens implantation.

After earning his medical degree from Columbia University, Dr. Casden completed his internship at the University of Virginia Hospital. His residency in ophthalmology was at Yale University School of Medicine. During his final three months of training at Yale University, he was selected as Chief Resident.

During his residency, Dr. Casden was involved with the first intraocular lens implant performed at Yale-New Haven Hospital. He was among the first surgeons at Yale to successfully implant artificial lenses as a replacement for cataracts. In addition to his innovative expertise in intraocular lens implantation, Dr. Casden has also developed expertise in corneal transplant and the argon laser.

Getting to know Betty Klein, MD

Dr. Klein specializes in both medical and surgical diseases of the retina and macula.

Her extensive experience in diagnosing and treating retinal issues has led her to develop a passion for retinal surgery. “Retinal surgery is fascinating and elegant and like other types of eye surgery it is something that continues to improve with each passing year,” says Dr. Klein. “Innovations in surgical techniques and instrumentation have made these operations less traumatic and more successful than ever before.”

Dr. Klein earned her medical degree and completed her residency in ophthalmology at Yale University. As a well-respected retina specialist, Dr. Klein has published numerous articles in peer reviewed medical journals.

Who is ReFocus Eye Health?

ReFocus Eye Health is on a mission to provide care that is comprehensive, convenient, and comfortable. Our eye care providers are skilled in addressing every aspect of eye health.

Each patients’ care is rooted in the belief that every eye is unique and requires personalized care. Our patients benefit from expert-level, customized care ranging from comprehensive vision exams and vision correction, to medical and surgical therapies for every type of eye health concern.

Ready to ReFocus? Patients can make an appointment to see Dr. Casden or Dr. Klein at the locations in Danbury and Southbury.