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Conjunctival Issues

The conjunctiva is the thin mucous membrane that lines your eyelid and much of the frontal eye. Conjunctival issues can be caused by a variety of things—from blepharitis, to an eye injury, to eye allergies and beyond. So, the most important thing to understand is how to identify symptoms in order to know when you see an eye doctor.

Symptoms of Conjunctival Issues

  • Watery eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Pain
  • Discharge
  • Irritation or inflammation

Diagnosis & Treatment of Conjunctival Issues

If you experience persistent symptoms of issues related to the conjunctiva that don’t subside with time or good eye hygiene, see your eye doctor for an examination. They will be able to determine the type of conjunctivitis or what is causing the conjunctival issue and what the best method of treatment would be.