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Pinguecula & Pterygium

A pinguecula is a growth that appears yellow in color and is located on the conjunctiva, the thin mucous membrane that lines your eyelid and much of the frontal eye. Pinguecula is typically made up of protein, fat, and/or calcium deposits.

A pterygium (or Surfer’s Eye) is also a growth on the conjunctiva. Pterygium is a mass of tissue, that may have started as a pinguecula, that continues to grow and may reach over the cornea, which can cause impaired vision.

These conditions are most often caused by:

  • Exposure to UV light
  • Exposure to excessive wind or dust
  • Untreated dry eye syndrome

Treatment for pinguecula and pterygium will depend on your unique condition. Your eye doctor will monitor your growth(s), and may recommend surgery to remove problematic tissue if your vision is impaired.