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Retinal Issues

The retina is a thin membrane at the back of the eye that’s necessary for good vision. The eye is composed of light-sensitive cells connected with nerve fibers that allow light entering the eye to be converted to nerve impulses that reach the brain. The amount of light entering is controlled by the iris and is then passed to the retina.

However, the retina can be prone to several issues that can affect vision. During a comprehensive eye exam, your ReFocus doctor will dilate your pupil to get a good view of your retina. That is the first step to diagnosing and treating any retinal condition—and there are many. The most common ones include:


Your ReFocus doctor can diagnose, monitor and treat your retinal condition. A ReFocus ophthalmologist can even perform surgery if that is indicated. The important thing, especially for people over 50, is to get a regular eye exam. Often, problems can be detected early and complications and further damage minimized.