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The Gift of Sight – 5 Visionary Non-Profit Organizations to Support

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There are so many incredible groups and organizations to support by volunteering time, sharing gifts, and providing donations. In this spirit, the ReFocus team has put together five visionary non-profit organizations that we encourage you to consider supporting. From all of us at ReFocus we thank you for an incredible year, and look forward to an “inSIGHTful” 2022.



First and foremost, the mission of SightSavers is to “protect sight and fight for disability rights.” Working in more than 30 countries to prevent avoidable blindness and fight for the rights of people with disabilities, this organization treats eye conditions and advocates for those with visual impairments and other challenges. Since 1950, SightSavers has performed 6.9 million cataract operations, trained 224,000 people with disabilities to help them earn a living, and distributed 1 billion treatments to prevent debilitating diseases. Learn more about this incredible organization here.



OneSight is committed to “bringing eye exams and glasses to the 1 in 7 people on our planet who lack access to vision care.” To date, OneSight’s important work has impacted over 37 million people in 53 countries and counting. They have hosted over 1,944 charitable clinics to provide immediate access to eye exams and glasses, and established 181 sustainable centers to create jobs, educational opportunities, and permanent access to vision care. As they say, they “won’t stop until the world can see”, and appreciate any support to make that a reality. Check out more about OneSight here.



Seva is a global nonprofit eye care organization that works with local communities around the world to develop self-sustaining programs that preserve and restore sight. Seva’s vision – a world free of blindness – begins with training local eye care providers and developing self-sustaining eye programs around the world. To date, Seva has provided surgeries, eyeglasses, medicine, and other eye care services to over 46 million people in more than 20 countries. With additional support, Seva can continue its life-changing work to impact more people around the world. Learn more here.


EyeCare America – Foundation of American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO)

One of the country’s leading public service programs, EyeCare America provides eye care through a pool of more than 5,500 volunteer ophthalmologists. Founded in 1985, EyeCare America has helped more than 2 million people receive the eye care they need. Offering a Seniors Program and a Glaucoma Program, EyeCare America connects eligible individuals with local volunteer ophthalmologists for eye exams and follow ups. Ninety percent of the care is provided at no out-of-pocket cost to the patient, in an effort to ensure communities have access to quality eye care. To learn more about EyeCare America and how you can support this organization, click here.


SEE International

Did you know that nearly 90% of the world’s blind population live in areas without access to high-quality eye care? SEE International is working to reverse this statistic, by providing essential and transformative eye care and surgery around the world. With a network of over 650 medical volunteers, SEE is dedicated to providing treatments and establishing sustainable eye care systems around the world. Since its inception 45 years ago, SEE has conducted 600,000+ sight-restoring surgeries. The work is not done though, and they rely on support to keep their mission going. See how you can make a difference here.