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The Impact of Aging on Eye Health

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Vision is one of the most powerful gateways we have for
creating memories that last long after the moment has passed. Do you remember
your spouse’s face on your wedding day? Do you remember watching your child’s
first steps? Do you remember looking down and watching your first grandchild
sleep in your arms? Do you remember all the sights you saw on that dream
vacation you took when you retired? Imagine having experienced all of that, but
without the gift of sight. Your vision is worth saving.

As we age, the risks for developing vision problems increases.

Common age-related eye problems include:

Since we can’t freeze time and prevent aging (yet!) the best
defense against age-related eye problems is prevention, early detection, and
effective treatment.

An annual eye exam is recommended after the age of 40. In
addition to visual acuity and field tests, a comprehensive exam typically
includes dilation, so the doctor can see the inside of your eye, and tonometry, a test that can diagnose

Be proactive – take steps to protect your eye health as you
continue to age. Not all age-related eye disorders and vision problems can be
avoided, but with early detection and proper treatment, you can preserve your
vision for a lifetime.