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What do you know about glaucoma?


Glaucoma refers to a group of progressive diseases in which cells and fibers of the optic nerve are damaged, affecting the transmission of signals from the eye to the brain. Because the condition progresses slowly, many people don’t notice that their vision is changing, especially early on.

The best thing you can do to prevent vision loss from glaucoma is to educate yourself about your risk factors and the common symptoms of glaucoma. And get your annual, comprehensive exam.

Discover how much you already know about glaucoma by answering these questions:

1 - Women are more likely than men to develop glaucoma.



2 - You are at higher risk of developing glaucoma if you:

  1. Are age 60 or older
  2. Are African American or Hispanic/Latino
  3. Have a family history of glaucoma
  4. All of the above

3 - Glaucoma is commonly diagnosed during a dilated comprehensive eye exam, sometimes before the patient even exhibits symptoms of the disease.



4 - There is no cure for glaucoma, however the symptoms can be treated to preserve sight. Treatment options include:

  1. Oral Medication
  2. Eye Drops
  3. Surgical and/or Laser Procedures
  4. B & C
  5. All of the Above

5 - You can restore vision loss due to glaucoma.




1 – True

2 – D. All of the Above

3 – True

4 – E. All of the Above

5 – False