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Contact Lens Fitting

Contact Lens Evaluation and Examination

If you prefer to wear contact lenses over wearing glasses, you will need to be properly fitted for your contact lenses. A comprehensive eye exam paired with a lens fitting ensures the correct prescription and a secure, comfortable fit.

Just like glasses, one size does not fit all when it comes to contact lenses. During a contact lens consultation and exam your doctor will:

  • Ask questions regarding your lifestyle and discuss contact options (daily v. monthly disposable lenses, soft v. rigid lenses, etc.)
  • Determine your prescription and whether you require monovision or multifocal lenses
  • Perform a tear film evaluation to ensure your eyes are capable of maintaining moisture naturally while lenses are in place
  • Measure your eye to ensure a proper, safe fit (corneal curvature, pupil and iris size, etc.)
  • Provide recommendations on contact type or brand based on eye conditions like astigmatism or dry eye

Your doctor may have you try on a pair of the contact lenses to confirm fit and comfort before ordering them with your prescription. They will insert the lens for you and have you wear them for 15-20 minutes around the office. If they seem to be a good fit, your contact order is placed and you will schedule a follow-up visit to pick them up, try them on, and take them home.

Contact Lens Follow-Up Appointment

When you arrive to pick-up a new pair of contact lenses, you will put them in (with assistance, if needed) and walk around the office for 15-20 minutes to ensure the prescription is correct and the lenses fit comfortably. Your contact lens specialist will answer any questions and provide any special instructions for your specific lenses.

An important part of a contact lens fittings is also education. The specialist will show you how to safely put your contacts in and take them out. You’ll also be taught how to properly care for your contact lenses.